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We are a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to advancing lives by promoting and providing best in class local and international travel experiences that exceed the expectations of our competitors, members and stakeholders.

About Us

Tour Empire Limited is the first and only Nigerian indigenous vacation club, affiliated to the Westgate Vacation Club in Florida with a vision to promote both local and international vacations.

Our directors, having been in the tourism business for about a decade now, were faced with numerous requests from Nigerians to promote local vacations, thereby, promoting local content and since the few travel clubs operating at the moment only focus on international content, in 2018,our amiable directors established Tour Empire Limited, which is duly registered according to the laws of the country and we are proud to say that in a space of 1 year alone, we have sent about 125 families on vacations and tours both within Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Company Profile

In 2016, PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS stated that Nigeria recorded about 6 million tourists from all around the world and about 60 % of that number, visited Lagos for tourism and with the few resorts and holiday homes in the country, we intend to develop or buy into existing holiday resorts in Lagos and around Nigeria to boost and encourage local tourism and vacations. Meanwhile, we have bought into some holiday resorts in Florida in the United States and we will also buy into resorts within Africa.

In a bid to cut across all the locations in Nigeria and to reach out to citizens who may not be able to come to Abuja to access us, we are looking to establish three more offices in the country, one in Lagos state, one in Rivers state and one in Kano state.



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